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Signs to Watch For When Visiting Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

Countless men and women across the globe visit their elderly parents during the holidays. When doing so, they need to spend time determining if those loved ones can continue in the current living situation or if changes need to be made. What signs should a person look for during this visit?  The Condition of the [...]

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Signs You Should Watch For When Visiting Your Elderly Parents

Ensuring elderly parents have what they need and are safe can seem overwhelming for children. As people grow older, they can begin to suffer cognitive declines that make it difficult for them to care for themselves. Knowing the signs of problems is essential so individuals will know when their elderly parents require memory care services.  [...]

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The Benefits of Memory Care For Veterans

Alzheimer's disease and dementia cause cognitive dysfunction. The diseases increase certain difficulties in areas such as communication, handling complex tasks, problem-solving, and driving. Many vets that are diagnosed with the diseases suffer unexpected personality changes, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and agitation. Inappropriate behaviors and hallucinations may occur. At the onset of the symptoms, doctors conduct preliminary [...]

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Summerfield of Stockton Honors Combat Veterans

Studies show that war veterans are within a higher percentile of residents diagnosed with dementia. Predominant causes of the brain disease are the loss of nerve cells and traumatic brain injuries. In combat zones, soldiers are at a greater risk of head or brain injuries due to explosives and shrapnel flying through the air. When [...]

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