When seniors begin developing cognitive declines, they sometimes require help from an assisted living community. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a community, one stands out from the rest: therapy. Therapy is an essential part of the care provided in these communities. Searching for a community that offers extensive therapy will provide many benefits to seniors and their loved ones. 

Reasons Therapy Is So Integral for Care

People facing cognitive decline need therapy to help them cope with life changes. There are many reasons people need therapy in an assisted living community. Loved ones and caregivers should consider the following. 

Therapy Helps Seniors Adapt 

Life is all about changes, but for seniors, change becomes challenging, especially if there are cognitive concerns present. Therapists offer seniors extensive insight to help them transition from a life of independence to one that is more carefully monitored. Therapy can go a long way toward helping people cope with the changes that are out of their hands.

Therapy Monitors for Health Declines

Seniors can sometimes develop rapid health declines that go unnoticed at first. Therapists work with seniors one-on-one and are able to recognize early signs of health concerns so they can be addressed before major declines occur. Therapists also offer training to other staff members to help them recognize health declines in memory care residents. 

Therapy Promotes Resident Wellness

The goal of therapy in senior living is to promote wellness in the community. Many people do not realize therapy is not just for the sick or for those with disabilities. Therapy is also highly beneficial for promoting wellness. 

Dementia Is Rising 

Studies have shown out of one million people living in assisted living homes, around 81% require therapy to do at least one day-to-day task. Those with cognitive declines, such as those that occur with Alzheimer’s disease, especially benefit from therapy. 

Therapy addresses the ability of residents to carry out daily life tasks, but it also goes to a much deeper level. Therapy speaks to the needs of the individual and their family members by discussing behavioral changes. Therapists help family members and caregivers understand the disease and learn to separate it from the person. 

Types of Therapy Offered to Seniors

When seniors live in an assisted living community, they have access to the best treatments available for their needs. There are multiple kinds of therapy available, including the following. 

  • Physical therapy addresses the large muscle groups of the body and helps seniors improve their strength and balance so they are less likely to fall and suffer injuries. Physical therapists help seniors maintain muscle tone and increase endurance. 
  • Occupational therapy is focused on helping seniors maintain and improve their fine motor skills. Reduced motor skills frequently accompany cognitive declines. Seniors frequently have difficulty getting dressed, bathing, and going to the bathroom. Occupational therapy addresses these problems and offers solutions.
  • Speech-Language therapy addresses speech problems in seniors. Many people mistakenly believe speech-language therapy is only for helping seniors talk, but this therapy goes much further. 
  • Respiratory therapy is essential for seniors more prone to developing conditions such as pneumonia. Through massage and tapping, respiratory therapists work to help loosen phlegm that impedes breathing and can lead to infections. 

These therapies are highly beneficial in helping seniors overcome the constraints that prevent them from living as independently as possible despite a dementia diagnosis. Seniors who receive ongoing therapy often experience slower cognitive declines than those who do not receive any form of therapy. 

Research Is Key When Searching for Assisted Living

When searching for assisted living, individuals need to ensure they learn as much as possible about the types of therapy offered to residents. Ask about the therapy delivered to residents and learn what it entails before embarking on becoming a resident. 

The best assisted living options provide extensive therapy to residents. Experts have learned therapy is an integral part of any senior care program, no matter its scope. 

Seniors who go through therapy, along with other complementary treatments, experience less depression, anxiety, and aggression as they learn to cope with the necessary changes that will occur throughout their lives. 

By taking care to research carefully, family members will feel more at ease selecting a community for their aging loved one. It is especially essential to select a community that caters to the unique needs of dementia sufferers. 

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