December 23, 2020

Dear family and friends,

For the most current updated information on COVID-19 please click on the links below for the CDC and State/Local health agencies.




Please call the community for more information regarding community visitation and tour information.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions


COVID-19 Vaccine Guide

How Safe is the Vaccine?

Even though the Vaccine process has been rapid (operation warp speed), this is the same process that all vaccines go through and no steps were missed.

Take a look at the Vaccine Life Cycle for an overview of the process.

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Vaccine Safety Process

As we prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine, we’re thrilled to see that our residents and staff are choosing to educate themselves about vaccines and how they can help us.
Take a look at this quick video that shares a bit about the history of vaccines and the lives that they have saved.

Coronavirus vaccine

(Photo: Samuel Corum/Pool/Getty Images)

This Doctor is “In.”

Look at his reasons for choosing to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and decide if you will be “In” too! #I’m-In


getvaccinated header

We are working hard to protect our residents and staff as we continue to fight this pandemic – and soon, we’ll take a huge step forward:

@ahcancal #GetVaccinated

Who’s behind the Vaccine?

Take a look at one of the team members who has helped to make sure the vaccine is safe for you!


Dr Kizzmekia Corbett - research and scientific lead at the National Institute of Health

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