If the pandemic has scared you away from looking at options for senior living, you are not alone.

I am here to put that fear to rest. The industry quickly pivoted and came up to the task of placing strategic protocols in place to keep the residents and staff healthy. With that being said, there should be no fear in beginning your search to find a new home in a senior living community.

Since the pandemic, the top four things people are looking for in senior living:

  • WebEx doctor visits
  • Safety and protocol’s in place
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Innovative strategies to secure health and well being of residents

Independent Living:

Residents of independent living communities do not need too much medical help. However, there are usually rounding doctors and physical therapist in these communities should a resident want to use their services. They participate in social events, hobbies and dining, which are all advantageous to someone who feels isolated and lonely. Housekeeping, utilities and meal credits come with the rent.

Assisted Living:

Assisted living communities provide 24-hour care, but residents in assisted living still have their independence. Those who enter assisted living can often do many activities on their own, but not enough to where they can comfortably and safely live alone anymore. Such as: Bathing, Dressing, Toileting (going to the bathroom), Transferring (the ability to get in and out of bed), Continence (being to control your bowels), Feeding and mild cognitive impairment. Also, if paying the bills, cleaning the house, cooking, transportation and limited socialization come into play it is a good indication that assisted living is for you. All meals, housekeeping, utilities and activities are provided to residents.

Memory Care:

There are many forms of Dementia (memory loss), and, at its more advanced stages, can cause patients to become immobile. In general, the demarcation of whether a loved one needs memory care is when they begin to wander. There are many different forms of care based on the severity of the disease. Memory care communities offer safety, redirecting, activities, socialization and security. Memory care usually has options to choose from such as, compatible suites and private suites.

Steps families can take to prepare

  • Research 5-7 communities’ webpages
  • Set up a virtual tour of the community
  • Visit their FB page
  • Deposit on an apartment that fits your needs
  • Read their marketing packets