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How Memory Care Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Dementia causes cognitive defects and forgetfulness. Seniors with dementia need more help as the disease progresses. Each stage includes symptoms the elderly individuals experience, and those symptoms affect everyday life. Dementia diminishes the person's quality of life, but a senior community offers amenities that make life easier.  Senior communities are safe and secure, and the [...]

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Enjoy the Benefits Of VIP Respite Care

When providing care for a loved one on a daily basis, the caregiver can lose themselves completely and face serious health consequences. Many seniors are diagnosed with cognitive brain diseases that affect their personality and increase the person's need for daily assistance. Too often, the care demands are placed on one family member, and the [...]

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Welcome to the Newly Improved Summerfield of Roseville

Senior communities are terrific housing opportunities for residents who want a sense of belonging and to live around like-minded people. The properties offer a wealth of amenities that accommodate seniors with different health challenges. The properties include private apartments to allow seniors to live independently and enjoy their retirement years however they choose. By reviewing [...]

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What You Should Know About the Umbrella of Dementia

Most people use the term dementia as though it refers to one specific disease, but in fact, it is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of brain diseases. What these diseases have in common is that each of them impacts a patient's memory, cognition, and social abilities, causing disruptions to daily life and [...]

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Isolated Living Can be Harmful for Seniors

Human beings, no matter their age, are social creatures. People need people. Seniors are especially vulnerable to periods of social isolation. During the COVID pandemic, seniors have been more isolated than ever before, leading to major problems with their mental health. Individuals need to be aware of the dangers of social isolation for seniors so [...]

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Signs to Watch For When Visiting Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

Countless men and women across the globe visit their elderly parents during the holidays. When doing so, they need to spend time determining if those loved ones can continue in the current living situation or if changes need to be made. What signs should a person look for during this visit?  The Condition of the [...]

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The Benefits of Memory Care For Veterans

Alzheimer's disease and dementia cause cognitive dysfunction. The diseases increase certain difficulties in areas such as communication, handling complex tasks, problem-solving, and driving. Many vets that are diagnosed with the diseases suffer unexpected personality changes, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and agitation. Inappropriate behaviors and hallucinations may occur. At the onset of the symptoms, doctors conduct preliminary [...]

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How Do You Choose A Senior Living Community?

If the pandemic has scared you away from looking at options for senior living, you are not alone. I am here to put that fear to rest. The industry quickly pivoted and came up to the task of placing strategic protocols in place to keep the residents and staff healthy. With that being said, there [...]

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