Countless men and women across the globe visit their elderly parents during the holidays. When doing so, they need to spend time determining if those loved ones can continue in the current living situation or if changes need to be made. What signs should a person look for during this visit?

The Condition of the Home

Seniors might find it challenging to keep up with regular household tasks. Family members who cannot visit regularly don’t realize the state of their loved one’s residence until they come for a visit. Families shouldn’t immediately assume their loved one needs to move to assisted living or a memory care community if the grass is higher than normal or groceries aren’t put away.

However, if there is an obvious issue, such as a leaking pipe that has damaged the floor or rotting food in the refrigerator that is clearly months old, it could be a sign the senior needs daily help. Talk with the loved one to learn more about the challenges they face in caring for the home. Bringing in someone to help for an hour or two a day might be enough. In some cases, the best option will be to move the seniors to a community where they can receive the help needed to complete daily tasks.

Behavioral Changes

Men and women often speak to loved ones regularly only to visit them in person and see things of great concern. For instance, the loved one doesn’t take part in social activities or gets up multiple times in the middle of the night to check doors and windows. It might be the senior gets upset over little things that never bothered them in the past.

Any behavioral changes require further investigation. The loved one may be suffering from a physical ailment, like a urinary tract infection or dehydration. Both conditions call for medical treatment to allow the seniors to regain their health and enjoy the visit from loved ones. However, the behavioral changes could also be a sign of cognitive decline. Medical attention is needed to determine the underlying cause of the behavioral changes and the proper course of treatment.

Weight Loss

Weight loss serves as a sign an individual of any age is in poor health. The loss might be due to depression, dementia, cancer, or numerous other medical conditions. However, for some seniors, the loss of weight could be attributed to low energy levels or fatigue, which makes it difficult to buy groceries and make healthy meals before cleaning the kitchen.

Many seniors find cooking for one isn’t enjoyable and avoid doing so whenever possible. Furthermore, some medications suppress a person’s appetite or alter the taste of food. The senior might avoid eating as they no longer enjoy the taste of foods they once loved. Any weight loss should be investigated to determine the underlying cause and how best to rectify the situation.

Unpaid Bills

When children visit their aging parents, they might find a stack of unpaid bills. This stack concerns them greatly because they worry about their loved one’s finances, but some people find it difficult to discuss money matters with their family members. However, adult children need to do exactly this.

The problem could be much simpler than a lack of money on the part of the parent. People often develop eye issues as they age, and an eye exam might be all that is needed to resolve the matter. It could be the loved one was preparing for visitors and the bills got past them. However, it could also be a sign of cognitive decline, which is why loved ones must discuss this matter and determine the best course of action for bills to be paid in a timely manner.

If you see any of the above signs when visiting your elderly parents during the holidays, it might be time to consider a senior living community. Although seniors often want to remain in their homes, this isn’t always possible. Take them to visit several communities and spend time in each one. Ensure they are part of the decision-making process, as it is their life that is being uprooted. When you allow them input into the new living arrangement, they will be more satisfied and make the transition easier. This is what every family wants for the ones they love.

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