When cognitive declines begin occurring, seniors sometimes need integrative care they cannot receive at home. While transitioning to a new living environment is exciting for some, it can be stressful for others. When it comes time to move to memory care living, seniors and their loved ones need to prepare for the transition process.

Making the Moving Process Easier

Moving into a new community is exciting for seniors but can also prove difficult. There are so many considerations, and some seniors find it stressful because they have to let go of personal belongings. The following tips will make the moving process easier for everyone involved.

  • Starting small is essential for seniors because the process of moving into memory care living can sometimes seem a daunting task. It is wise for children to help seniors through the process and start in rooms that are easier to handle, such as the bathrooms. Here, there will be fewer meaningful possessions to handle.
  • Children need to remain gentle with their senior parents in the process of determining what will be saved or given away. Some items may not seem important to a child but have deep meaning to the senior parent. Taking it easy and remaining patient will help seniors better cope with the process of downsizing to move into a senior living community.
  • Many seniors feel better about getting rid of some of their belongings when they know they will go to good homes. Offering belongings to family members will help seniors feel less apprehensive about giving their belongings away.
  • Organization is of extreme importance when moving a senior into memory care in Roseville, CA. Individuals will transition much easier if they are surrounded by the familiar. Getting organized and making sure the senior’s most-beloved belongings go with them to their new home will make the process less burdensome.

Make the New Community Feel Like Home

Many people do not deal well with change. Change can be especially stressful for seniors who may be facing cognitive declines. It is helpful to snap photos of the setup of artwork and framed photos in the senior’s home. Many seniors keep the same look for years, and bringing this familiar setup to their new place will make elderly parents feel more at home.

It is also essential family members learn about the layout and dimensions of their senior loved one’s new space. Discovering this information before the move will help determine what can be brought and what needs to be donated or sold.

Focus on the Positive Aspects of the Change

Many seniors struggle when moving into a residential care setting, no matter how enriching or welcoming the environment is. When helping seniors transition, loved ones need to focus on the positive aspects as much as possible. Focusing on the positive means offering encouragement while also addressing the fears and concerns of the senior loved one. Emphasizing the following will help seniors feel less stress in the process of their move.

  • Remind seniors they will no longer have to worry about extensive home chores and running errands because these tasks will be handled for them by staff members.
  • Talk to them about the amenities offered by the senior community, including special art classes and exercise options. Most communities offer a range of activities to keep seniors engaged.
  • Encourage seniors to make friends with other residents in the senior community. Social interaction is integral, especially during the beginning stages of the transition process. Helping senior loved ones meet other residents and get involved with the social activities in the community is beneficial.

Allow the Senior to Acclimate Slowly

One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to a new community is avoiding rushing the process. Rushing is difficult for anyone but especially for seniors who are not ready for changes. Seniors with cognitive declines may not be able to process changes like other people with healthier brain functions.

Proceeding slowly will give seniors the encouragement and time to process the changes. It is normal for setbacks to occur, and loved ones should offer a gentle push of encouragement when they happen. Moving into a new senior community sometimes seems like a daunting task for seniors and their loved ones, but most find the process exciting and even fun.

Here at Summerfield of Roseville Memory Care, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment that is conducive to senior enrichment. Here, seniors will enjoy an enriching social life that involves movie and game nights, exercise classes, and pet therapy. Our staff is committed to seniors’ safety, happiness, and well-being.