Seniors with dementia often struggle with daily living and need intervention to help them cope. People who need special care may require a residential community that provides them with integrative care to help retain their memory and keep them safe. These communities offer safe and secure places for those with dementia and other memory loss conditions. Unfortunately, many people believe myths about these communities. It is essential to clear the myths and embrace the facts. 

Common Myths Regarding Memory Communities

Although there are many senior living options, not all are appropriate for seniors with dementia. The following are some top myths people believe about these communities. Getting to the root of the truth is critical for seniors and their loved ones. 

Seniors Lose Their Independence

Entering a memory care community can seem overwhelming at first. Seniors may feel like they are entering a prison-like environment, but this is far from the truth. These communities allow seniors to remain as independent as possible. Staff members are available 24/7 to keep residents safe. These communities help seniors with dementia better cope with their symptoms and make sense of their diagnoses. 

These Communities Are Hospital-Like

Some people mistakenly believe these communities are cold, sterile environments, but a senior living community offers a home away from home environment where everyone is family. Residents form deeply gratifying relationships and enjoy spending time with one another. These communities are warm and hospitable. 

Senior Communities Are Very Generic

Seniors with dementia need help from family and friends to decide on a community. There is no cookie-cutter approach to senior care. Most programs offer personalized care to meet the unique needs of their residents. Each individual is different, even if they have the same diagnosis. Providing individualized care is one of the many things that sets assisted living care apart from a skilled nursing center. 

Seniors Are Forced Into Unwanted Schedules

Although these communities offer engaging programs to keep seniors happy, there is no forced schedule. Seniors are free to pursue their hobbies, friends, and educational opportunities as they please. No one is ever forced to do things they do not want to do in these communities. 

How to Select the Right Community

Finding the right community can seem overwhelming for seniors and their loved ones. There are many things to consider. Think about the following before diving headfirst into the search. 

Know the Senior’s Needs

One of the first things to consider is the senior’s needs. Loved ones cannot find a community for seniors until they surmise their needs. Does the senior need integrative care, or are they able to remain fairly independent? Talk to the senior’s medical care providers to determine their daily care needs. 

Understand the Features and Amenities

Seniors and their loved ones should research carefully to learn about the common features and amenities available in these communities. Make a list of the most important, and search for a community that offers them and more. Consider the living arrangements, meals, fitness options, and enriching activities. 

Consider the Staff

Staff members must go through special training to care for seniors with dementia. Dementia is a complicated disease that requires innovative care. Ensure the community specializes in providing care to aging dementia residents. A lack of experience could put someone with dementia in danger. 

Prioritize Safety

Safety is the top priority for the loved ones of seniors with dementia. As cognitive declines and memory lapses occur, seniors become a greater danger to themselves and others. The community should offer a variety of safety protocols, including secured windows, keypads, and more. Ensure the safety of the community before signing any paperwork. 

Begin the Search Today

Dispelling the myths and knowing what to look for in a community is critical for seniors and their loved ones. When people with dementia can no longer live alone safely, there are communities available that provide integrative care. 

First, families need to talk to their loved one’s doctors to determine the diagnosis and need for care. These communities are highly engaging and allow seniors to live their best lives within the safe confines of a beautiful and engaging community. Seniors with dementia will find safety and understanding in these communities while they gain lifelong friendships with residents and staff members.  With staff members available 24 hours a day, people with dementia remain safe. 


Summerfield Of Roseville offers a fully dedicated staff to help our residents remain safe, happy, and healthy. Our beautiful campus offers a home conducive to healing and memory preservation. Our varied programs keep our senior residents engaged and entertained.