Dementia causes cognitive defects and forgetfulness. Seniors with dementia need more help as the disease progresses. Each stage includes symptoms the elderly individuals experience, and those symptoms affect everyday life. Dementia diminishes the person’s quality of life, but a senior community offers amenities that make life easier.

Senior communities are safe and secure, and the properties offer private living spaces for residents. The amenities include services and activities that promote cognitive function improvements. The community design gives the residents an easier space to navigate and stops the individuals from becoming anxious. The communities help families find better ways to improve their senior loved one’s quality of life.

Prevents the Senior From Wandering

Dementia causes forgetfulness, and seniors often wander and become lost. Family members struggle with daily requirements and fear that the elderly person may leave their home to go to an unknown location. A senior living community offers memory care and services to prevent wandering and keep the residents’ environment safer.

On-site services offer a secure space where residents walk around without getting lost. The fear of getting lost causes anxiety and frustration for the senior, and the communities stop these issues.

Creates a Daily Routine

A daily routine helps residents remember each daily task and avoid anger and frustration. The routines are simple and easy to follow. Nurses help the residents work on recollection and prevent daily struggles.

More lucid moments are possible at earlier stages of dementia. These moments are fantastic for seniors, and the person decides what to do next. Even if these exchanges lead to deviation from the schedule, the instances are signs that the disease is progressing more slowly.

Use Visual Cues to Restore Memory

Visual cues help restore memory, and the staff uses images and labels to help the person remember these words. Dementia causes the person to forget everyday words for objects and activities. The cues make the residents work harder to remember these words without becoming frustrated or angry. Visual cues in the person’s room give the person a chance to work on recollection on their own, too.

Prevent the Senior From Getting Lost or Disoriented

The community layout is simple to follow. Too much space causes the residents to get lost and disoriented. Later stages of dementia make the person forget family members and eventually who they are. The person needs an environment that isn’t hard to navigate.

The person needs to know where their space is, how to get to the dining room, and where to go for activities. The living environment’s simplicity is ideal for someone suffering from dementia and improves their quality of life.

Structured Activities to Improve Cognitive Function

Memory care activities are structured and require one to two instructions. Nurses use the same tactics for disabled individuals with cognitive disorders. The person remembers one- or two-step tasks easier than tasks with more complex directions.

The staff tests the progression of the disease based on how many steps the resident completes. This also shows the exact stage of the disease and what type of care the resident needs.

Keeps Seniors Feeling Safer

A friendly environment is a must for residents with dementia. Later stages of dementia make the person increasingly anxious since the person won’t recognize their surroundings from one day to the next. Even with visual cues, the resident forgets major details at these stages. The right environment offers a friendly staff to help these residents feel safer and avoid negative emotions and outbursts.

A Terrific Home for Seniors

At Summerfield of Roseville, we offer exceptional homes for seniors and offer extraordinary amenities. Our community promotes independent living and offers services to keep seniors more independent. To learn more about our community, schedule a private tour now.

Dementia is a devastating brain disease that causes a multitude of negative symptoms. Each stage presents new challenges for the elderly, and proper care is necessary. Family members try to accommodate the needs of these seniors, but daily care takes a serious toll on caregivers.

Senior communities offer assisted living accommodations and services to improve cognitive function. The communities promote independent living and help seniors complete daily tasks. Activities that improve memory are helpful for the residents and may increase lucid moments.

Memory care services address underlying symptoms and give residents a whole new lease on life. Improved quality of life keeps residents happier and reduces anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Families review services and amenities at the communities to decide if the property is the best fit for their elderly loved ones.