It’s not unusual for people to lose memory as they age. Memory loss should be minor and not interfere with the individual’s day-to-day life. When memory issues begin to increase, cognitive decline often follows. For some seniors, integrative care becomes essential. Exploring options will help seniors and their loved ones decide what type of living arrangement is best. 

Why Do Seniors Develop Memory Loss?

Seniors experience memory decline because the hormones and proteins that protect the brain, helping it repair, decrease with age. When these hormones and proteins are no longer present in large quantities, the brain finds it more challenging to repair itself, resulting in memory issues. When these issues become severe, seniors and their families should consider the senior living options available to them. 

What Are the Warning Signs of Concern?

While some degree of memory loss is expected as we age, those with severe issues could have dementia. The following are some of the warning signs individuals may notice. If any of these occur, seniors need to speak with their doctors about treatment options and if they need memory care in Roseville, CA.

  • They begin forgetting things they should remember, such as how to get to familiar places, make meals, or how to bathe. This level of memory loss goes well beyond forgetfulness. 
  • Does the senior ask the same questions repeatedly as if they can’t retain the answers? Seniors may become confused or angry if anyone tells them they are asking the same questions repeatedly. 
  • Has their memory loss put them in danger? Have they left the gas on or caused a car accident? 
  • Does their memory seem to have regressed? Seniors may believe they are living in a different time. They may also speak of the dead as if they are still living. 

Some people will avoid social situations and conversations because of their memory loss. They may seem overly agitated and even angry. When behavior starts to change rapidly, they should be evaluated by a doctor to rule out dementia. 

When Should Seniors Consider a Memory Care Community?

Although most people want to live independently for as long as possible, it’s not always the best option. There are several options available that provide daily assistance for those suffering from memory and cognitive decline. If the following occur, seniors should evaluate their living options for safety: 

  • Their health, memory and cognitive function are declining.
  • The senior needs help with personal hygiene.
  • They are losing weight due to not eating regularly.
  • They are not taking medications as prescribed. 
  • They are mostly isolated. 

Most people do not want to admit they need help. It is difficult for a senior to give up their independence. Individuals may resist efforts loved ones take when seeking a memory care community. We recommend consulting with their doctor and including the senior in the decision making process whenever possible. Seniors who feel they are a part of the decision process will be more at ease when entering a community. 

Living in a home for seniors allows individuals to live independently without risking their health and safety. Finding a memory care community can be freeing for seniors and their loved ones as they no longer need to worry about being alone.

Moving Forward

While memory loss is common and considered normal, it should not impact a person’s daily life. If it does, it could indicate the memory issues stem from a severe condition, such as dementia. 

Those experiencing dementia have options available to help them live life without stress. Receiving daily intervention care can help seniors face challenges head-on while enjoying their lives and staying healthy. 

Now is the time to seek medical attention for memory loss. Getting a proper diagnosis will help seniors and their family members make the right decisions regarding care. Senior living communities can help seniors preserve their memory and cognitive function for as long as possible. Socialization and daily assistance make life less stressful for seniors as they cope with health changes. 

At Summerfield of Roseville Memory Care we are committed to helping seniors with memory decline live fulfilling lives.  We offer a beautiful campus that allows seniors to enjoy socializing and plenty of activities that foster healthy brain function. Our residents feel at home right from the beginning!