Seniors need words of encouragement just as younger individuals do. They often feel useless when they get older because they can’t do the things they used to. Make certain they don’t feel useless because this can lead to loneliness, depression, and other mental health issues. The following ways are excellent for offering these words of encouragement regularly.

Practice Gratitude

People should practice gratitude every day. Help seniors to do so by having them list something every day to be grateful for. Keep this list ongoing and review it with them regularly. Help them find other things to be grateful for beyond those found on the list. When a person focuses on what they have rather than don’t have, they have a more positive outlook on life. This is of importance to seniors who often feel discarded when they move to an assisted living or memory care community. This list reminds them of all the good things in life.

Humor and Mood

Seniors need to be exposed to humorous situations regularly. They may watch a comedy on TV that makes them laugh, or the community might have a comedian come in to entertain the residents for an evening of laughs and companionship. Call and tell them a funny joke or send them one daily over email. Share videos of kids and animals doing funny things. Anything that makes them laugh will provide a mood boost, so find what they love and share it with them as often as possible. These words of encouragement are great for helping them get through difficult days and putting a smile on their faces.

Inspirational Quotes

Find an inspirational quote the senior loves and have it framed. They can hang it on the wall in the assisted living in Roseville, CA, and look at it each time they are feeling down. Not only will the words encourage them, but they will know the love that comes with the quote. They’ll appreciate that a loved one took time out of their busy lives to find the saying and have it framed. This quote doesn’t need to be profound, as long as it means something to the senior.

Write Letters

Set up a pen pal exchange with a senior. They love to get letters, as it reminds them someone is thinking of them. However, expand beyond the family and set up pen pals between seniors. They have time to write letters and can make new friends regardless of where they are in the world. This doesn’t mean families shouldn’t write to the senior. The more letters they get that encourage them, the happier they will be in the senior living community. This is a great way to get little children to practice their letter-writing skills. They only need to write one or two sentences, as the seniors will be happy to get any letter they choose to send.

Schedule Regular Calls

Have family members set up a schedule where they will call the senior. This may be once a month, once a week, or once a day. Whatever the schedule is, the family needs to stick with it. The senior may look forward to this call with great anticipation. It’s important not to disappoint them. If there will be a change in the schedule for any reason, let the senior know as soon as possible. Fill the call with encouraging words, so they have something to reflect on until the next call.

Teach Them to Use Technology

Seniors should know how to use technology. This allows them to connect with others even when they cannot be together in person. Social networks enable them to know what is going on in their loved ones’ lives, so they can discuss it when they call or see each other in person. In addition, when they use a mobile device, they can send a text to a loved one whenever is convenient for them. They feel connected to this person when they exchange texts, which makes them feel important in the individual’s life. Text is one way technology can benefit the lives of seniors, and there are many others.

Every senior needs to hear they are important and that they still have value. It’s difficult to go from a life of working every day and raising a family to living alone with limited human interaction. An assisted living community ensures this does not happen, as the senior is surrounded by others in similar situations. Learn more about this senior living option to see if it is right for you or a loved one.

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